Top Soils


We have everything you need for repairing and planting lawns, along with creating flower and vegetable gardens.


Top Soil
Double Screened
1 ton covers appx. 100 sq. ft. at 1.5-2″ thick.


Mushroom Manure
1 yard covers appx. 200 sq. ft. at 2″ thick.


Top Soil/Mushroom Manure Mix
50/50 Mix
1 yard covers appx. 100 sq. ft. at 2″ thick.

Planting Grass?


Penn State Grass Seed
Available in 3 lb./10 lb./25 lb./50 lb.


Contractor’s Mix Grass Seed
Available in 25 lb. and 50 lb.


Tacky Straw
1 bag covers 500 sq. ft.
Traditional straw with a tackifier to hold straw in place.  Speeds up germination, requires less watering and naturally biodegrades into the ground.


Starter Fertilizer
1 bag covers appx. 5,000 sq. ft.
Encourages root growth in newly seeded lawns or bare spots.  Feeds up to 8 weeks.



  • Top Soil
  • Mushroom Manure
  • Top Soil/Mushroom Mix
  • Mason Sand
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Cherry Brown
  • Vivid Red
  • Black
  • Natural
  • Playground
  • 2B River Rock
  • Barn Red



Need Delivery?

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